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4 Surprising Problems Solved by GPS Tracking for Field Service Engineers


You already know the basic benefits of GPS tracking for field service engineers: You can see where your engineers are at all times, you can call customers if you notice an engineer is running late, and you boost the chances of recovery if your vehicle is stolen. But is that it?

What is Field Service Management? 3 Things to Know About the Market


By 2019, the field service management market will be worth over $3.5 billion. The fact that that's only a few months away is proof that the fairly new industry has grown so rapidly. But what exactly is field service management? What does field service management technology let you do? How has the FSM market grown so rapidly?

Perfecting Your Customer Follow-Up


To help you see the experience your business provides from the customer's perspective, in these posts we're asking you to play the part of a customer who's called a plumbing company to fix a leak. If that doesn't work for you, replace that scenario with one that does; for example, maybe you're a customer who's called a fire and security company to install a new alarm system.

How to Improve the Onsite Experience with the Right Tools


As promised, here we have the solutions to the problems you might have uncovered in your HVAC, electrical, plumbing, or fire and security business as you went through our thought exercise—from getting the wrong engineer to trouble rescheduling a follow-up visit.

How Automation Influences the Customer Experience


The customer journey is every interaction someone has with your business, from discovering your business and hiring you, to the invoicing process and after-sales care. However, customers aren't the only ones who go through the customer experience...tenants, for example, are also stakeholders.

Driverless Cars 101: The Good, The Bad And The Tech

Driverless cars

Driverless cars are not a recent phenomenon. For decades now, we’ve been trying to go hands-free. Throughout the 1950s, for example, General Motors created a set of prototypes titled “Firebird.” The designs were never intended for production, but they set out to illustrate the extremes in technology and design General Motors were capable of. Firebird II was described to have an “electronic brain that allowed it to move into a lane with a metal conductor and follow it along.”

The Hot Trends at Field Service Management Expo 2018 according to Commusoft


Did you miss Field Service Management Expo 2018? It's the largest event dedicated to service management in Europe. But don't worry, if you didn't manage to make it to the show we've got your back. We here at Commusoft not only had a bustling booth—we also had staff walking through the show to check out what's new.

Help Your Field Service Engineers Deliver the Best Customer Service

Help Your Field Service Engineers Deliver the Best Customer Service

What happens after your customers have scheduled plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or fire and security service with your company? If their experience is anything less than perfect, read on for savvy ways to overcome any obstacles your customer might encounter when they hire your business.

How to Improve Your Field Service Customer Experience

Customer journey

You're the office manager, operations manager, or owner of a plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or fire and security company—and you're looking to boost the field service customer experience and generate more jobs. Get off to a great start by analysing and improving the very first part of the customer's journey with your business, from when they land on your website to when they call you for service. Here's how.

Perfecting Your Customer Communication

Customer communication

When you're in business, you're really in it—to the point that you think about it when you wake up, and you're still thinking about it when you go to bed. You're always brainstorming new ways to bring in customers, new technologies that will make your employees more productive, and new services you can offer to generate more jobs.

5 Reasons You Should Adopt Technology That Supports Mobility

Technology, Agile working

With living costs and commuting times at an all-time high, more and more workers are retreating into cyberspace. For businesses to continue to thrive, they must adapt to the needs of workers and embrace remote working. We take a look at five reasons why you should adopt technology that supports mobility.

Don’t Forget to Bring These 11 Things to Field Service Management Expo 2018

Field Service Management Expo 2018

If you attend Field Service Management Expo 2018, knowing what to bring is key. Whether it’s your first trade show or you’re an experienced trade show pro, taking the right supplies (and attitude) makes all the difference between a profitable experience—and an exhausting, time-wasting, and money-draining one.

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence: What does it mean for tradespeople?

Artificial intelligence, AI,

Although it can often seem otherwise, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing new. In many of its initial applications over the past twenty or so years in fact, AI has decidedly proven its worth already, surpassing human abilities in various areas of expertise.

Knowledge Management - How to deal with rapidly advancing technology and an ageing workforce.

Technology, aging workforce

The workplace and the world of work is changing in unprecedented ways. We are currently transitioning into an era where AI, VR, software and advancing tech are commonplace and utilised as part of the everyday in the office. Not only are we seeing huge changes in technology, but we are also witnessing drastic adjustments in our expectations and the realities of the workplace. We are in a time of radical change not only in the way that we work but how work fits in with our society.

Are you ready for the Connected Customer? pt. 3

Key Benefits

Less than a quarter of field service organisations make effective use of data to drive decisions around productivity, customer experience and worker performance. However, every decision made within the company should be deliberated against a backdrop of the overall impact to the customer experience.

Are you ready for the Connected Customer? pt. 2

Connected Customer

In order to cater for the connected customer, service organisations need to have the appropriate software. A solution that is flexible, so that it can adapt with time, changing with the evolving demands and needs of the future customer, as well as those of today's.

Are you ready for the Connected Customer? pt. 1

Connected Customer

Today's generation are born with access to unlimited information from the internet. They grow up having their demands responded to by ever-increasing speed defining services. A combination which shapes their mentality and way of life before they even begin to interact with service organisations for professional, or personal purposes.

Solving the Field Service Customer Mess


So many field service companies have tried to be organised and internally connected but have failed. In fact, most companies are at the stage where they have lots of different systems that work independently to each other, but they hold different aspects of data.

Download: 8 Simpler Features to Boost the Efficiency of your Field Based Team


In today’s generation, mobile devices and apps are continuously advancing. With the fi eld-based team representing the face of the company, it is crucial that they have the most effi cient tools; devices and apps to hand. This will lead to benefi ts such as reduced costs and wasted visits; boosted effi ciency of routing and optimisation of potential revenue streams.

Welcome to Field Service Management Expo

Field Service Management Expo

Service Management Expo has taken the decision to incorporate Field into their brand, and will now be known as Field Service Management Expo. The new identity will come into effect immediately in the lead up to their expo on 20-22 June, ExCeL London.

Tesseract, Espresso Service and the Internet of (coffee) Things

Espresso Service Coffee

In 2015, Espresso Service Ltd woke up and smelled ‘connected’ coffee. They applied Tesseract’s cloud-based service management software to improve its service to customers.

Espresso Service manages and maintains all types and brands of coffee machines via a nationwide network of...