Field Service Management Expo is the largest dedicated event to the service management industry in Europe. Bringing together hundreds of professionals within the industry and showcasing the newest innovations in service management, if this is your industry then visiting Field Service Management Expo 2019 is a must.

Field Service Management Expo 2019 forms part of the Protection & Management Series which draws in up to 45,000 visitors over three days. A large portion of which are there specifically for the Field Service Management exhibitions. Exhibiting with us gives you direct face to face time with your targeted audience, where you can convert potential leads into lifelong clients.

Field Service Management Expo is the largest dedicated event for the industry in the whole of Europe, with trade leaders exhibiting themselves. Put yourself at the forefront of the industry by exhibiting with us. With our own unique marketing campaign, exhibiting with us offers the chance of increased awareness and a chance to re-position your brand.

Over 26% of visitors to our 2016 expo were director level and above, giving you the chance to promote your product to head decision makers.

Independent research has also found that:

  • 80% of those polled agreed that live events deliver better ROI than other media.
  • 93% of marketers and business directors and business owners feel face-to-face marketing to be the most persuasive media channel.
  • 81% of directors agree that average order value with human interaction is over 15 times greater compared to other media investment.
  • It's been proven exhibitions are the place for businesses to do business, they're packed with high worth professionals with budget.
Exhibitors for Serivce Management Expo 2017