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Field Service Management Theatre

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What does AI mean for the Field Service Management Industry?
11:00 - 11:45
Head of Service Management
Digital Transformation & Citizen Experience Director UK Public Sector
Field Service News
Chief Executive
The IOT Evolution
12:00 - 12:30

Every industry has either started to experience disruption or is waiting for it to happen.

In this presentation Jonathan Eastgate, CTO of simPRO, will address the major evolutions starting to come through the field services sector in the form of IOT and what these mean for service and maintenance businesses over the coming years.

This event will help businesses understand how IOT will change the industry and how they can get onboard and benefit from a potential change in their existing business models whilst achieving higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Items covered will include:
- What is IOT?
- What can it be used for?
- Example Use Cases
- Who’s doing what now
- How do Cloud services and IOT intersect?
- Where should you start?
- What should your strategy be?

Facebook beware, a new type of business network is revolutionizing the Field Service Management Industry
13:30 - 14:00

Facebook has revolutionized how billions of people around the world communicate with each other. Up until now, Industry has large been left behind. However, this is changing rapidly with new technology, and in particular market networks affecting how millions of service workers around the world communicate and collaborate. Facebook is not the only one that could lose out as these networks grow. Companies that don’t embrace change will find it increasingly difficult to compete with the more nimble, dynamic and ambitious companies which can work together effectively to provide the best customer service.

Maximising Mobile As Part of Your IOT Strategy
14:15 - 14:45

The advent of new technologies such as IoTis driving a revolution in field service similar to the one we experienced at the turn of the century with the emergence of mobility. In a few short years the connectedness of assets and equipment will be as commonplace as the connectedness of the mobile engineer of today.  However many manufacturers and service providers are still struggling to deploy IoT strategies rapidly.  In this session learn how Microsoft Partner Services Partner of the Year, eBECS, can enable you to use your engineer generated data more effectively as a stepping stone to new technology adoption.