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Field Service Theatre

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Networking: Digital marketing transformation
10:00 - 11:00 Field Service Theatre
Technical Director
Protean Software
Creative Director,
Protean Software

Discover three high impact tactics that dramatically improved Protean Software's online performance that you can copy today.

Can a focus on customer experience really make a difference?
11:00 - 11:35 Field Service Theatre
Customer Experience Specialist and Certified Customer Experience Professional
Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd

Customer experience has become a common phrase in most industries. Many talk about it, but is anyone any good at it? Why are so many organisations still failing to deliver consistently good experiences to their customers to deliver sustainable growth?

Ian will provide practical guidance on how to deploy a framework for managing the customer experience. The framework will explore the importance of clarifying the strategy/proposition of your company and how visualising the client journey can help you to understand how capable you are of delivering your proposition. Mixing practicality with a little bit of inspiration, Ian will describe the competencies required for your business to not only become more customer centric, but to see the tangible effects that they can and will have on customer perception, employee advocacy and financial performance.

The reality of customer experience transformation
11:35 - 12:00 Field Service Theatre
Chief Executive
Speedy Services

- Who are Speedy and what is their recent history?
- Why did Speedy decide to refocus a core part of their strategy on the customer?
- How did we go about doing it?
- Was it easy identifying the priorities to focus on?
- How is the importance of customer focus being embedded across the business?
- Have we seen an improvement in customer perception yet?

Getting the right parts, at the right time to the right place: A real life story of how software can benefit the business
12:10 - 12:40 Field Service Theatre
Sales Manager
Chief Operating Officer
Espresso Service

- A presentation by one of Tesseract’s customers on why they no longer hold stock in their warehouses
- An understanding of how software combined with process can drive huge stock efficiency within the service sector
- Improving first time fixes whilst holding less parts, a dream or a reality?

The future of field service recruitment
12:50 - 13:20 Field Service Theatre
Managing Director
Concept Resourcing

Recruiting seems to be in a state of continual change. What has impacted the UK market to date and what does the future of recruitment look like? We’ll discuss:
- The impact of government & regulation, including Brexit
- How will technology impact future recruitment in the Field Services Sector
- Where does Field Services talent come from in the age of the ‘Knowledge Worker’

Delighting the customer with service excellence – IFS customer case study
13:30 - 14:00 Field Service Theatre
Sales and Marketing Director

In 2017, the customer demands uberised service. With ever-advancing consumer technology giving your customer an at-your-fingertips experience, the key to differentiation is delighting your customer. How do you balance this priority with your goals of increasing profit margin and reducing operational costs? Learn what steps IFS customers have taken to achieve service excellence and take away best practice tips to help your organisation with its transformational journey.  Leave your customers with a smile and guaranteed return business while attaining profitability and sustainability.

Minimizing downtime, IoT & proactive maintenance
14:10 - 14:40 Field Service Theatre

Today’s customers have heightened expectations -they expect responsive service and won’t accept unnecessary downtime. But how does an organisation adapt from a reactive to a preventative and proactive maintenance model? How can unforeseen delays, overruns and changes be managed in real-time? This session will explore these concepts and the impact that dashboards, analytics and IoT are having on workforce scheduling.

- Managing delays, overruns and changes in real-time
- Moving from preventative to proactive maintenance
- The impact on scheduling of connected devices and the IoT
- Optimising workforce costs without compromising on Customer SLAs

MORR - Managing Occupational Road Risk in the UK and internationally
14:50 - 15:20 Field Service Theatre
Fleet Audit Consultant

- Knowing where the business is to reduce risk, costs and exposure to litigation.
- Prioritising outcomes to produce KPI’s for costs and risk.
- Targeted solutions tailored to individual company’s needs.
- The benefits of working with RoSPA - an established industry leader with a proven track record.
- Setting standards within industry to help companies develop the company’s brand image

Driver profiling with over 20 years experience - what's the future?
15:30 - 16:00 Field Service Theatre
Fleet Audit Consultant

- RoSPA at the forefront of Driver profiling for over 20 years.
- How profiling drivers reduces costs and risk
- Using driver profiling to produce targeted learning goals/solutions for each driver
- How and why to use this as part of the drivers KPI’s

Driver Behaviour - why it's so important within your business
16:10 - 16:40 Field Service Theatre
Fleet Audit Consultant

- The impact behaviour has on how drivers are portrayed by customers
- How behaviour directly influences costs and risk
- How to spot when drivers’ perceived beliefs don’t match the company’s
- Why and how to challenge drivers’ beliefs about behaviour
- How to use driver behaviour to improve your company’s image