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Brexit: 5 ways it could impact the Service Management Industry

Ran Berger, CEO of Flat Rock Technology, is a keynote speaker at this year’s Service Management Expo. On 23rd June at 2.40pm, he will be speaking on how the referendum result could affect the service management industry, as well as what top tech trends service management professionals should be looking out for. Here, Ran provides a sneak peek at some of his headline messages ahead of the event (and the Referendum) in June. To find out more click here...

The Future of Digital Field Self-Service in Facilities & Repairs

As with everything, digital self-service is changing, undergoing multiple advancements on a daily basis. How can the Facilities Management industry also adopt this way of business for the benefit of their customers? To find out more click here...

How well a field service operation is connected can set apart a great working day to a poor one. Field service technologies have a critical role to play in connecting the many elements involved in a field service operation and success hinges on getting all of these - the back office, the mobile workforce, the fleet management and billing and finance – working together. To find out more click here...

How Using Social Media can Grow Your Business

No one can deny that social media has transformed the world. There are now over 2.3 billion active social media users, that’s a rise of 176 million in the last year alone (https:// For facilities and service management companies, social media has been seen as a ‘nice to have’ for a while, something that’s worth looking at but not quite the right channel for the industry to invest in. However increasingly we see people at companies large and small using the channel to find contractors, trusting peer recommendation more than advertising. So what do you need to know? To find out more click here...

Leveraging Existing Tech and Comms to Improve Service Delivery

Smartphones in, pretty much, everyone’s pockets give a wealth of computing power and services to be leveraged. You don't necessarily need to build and deploy custom apps to take advantage of this. To find out more click here...

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IFS Enterprise Service Management is a full service lifecycle management solution for any service business. Whether you provide service in the field, in a plant, in a depot environment, on linear or other capital assets, or anywhere else, IFS Enterprise Service Management has a solution for you. IFS is a leader in providing enterprise software applications. We specialise in three core areas of the enterprise; enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and enterprise service management (ESM).   IFS (XSTO: IFS), was founded in 1983. IFS supports more than 2,200 customers globally from offices in 60+ countries.

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